This is a procedure that involves the absorption of the excess fat from areas with disproportionate fat distribution to make them harmonious and proportional to the entire body.

As the person gain and lose weight, the existing fat cells expand and shrink. The adipose tissue meets the energy requirement of the body; however, fat accumulation in the body is a source of discomfort for many patients. Especially after the age of 30, accumulations in certain areas are not considerably affected by diets and exercise. Persistent adipose tissues cannot be eliminated even if the patient loses weight. Many men cannot get rid of excess fat in certain areas of their bodies, even if they lose weight with diet and exercise.

 The procedure that involves the removal of adipose tissues in the body by means of vacuum is referred to as “liposhaping” or “lipoplasty”. The basic of the operation is the “liposuction”, i.e. “fat absorption” process. The procedure that involves fat transfers, i.e. fat injections into certain areas is referred to as “lipofilling”. The purpose of the liposhaping procedure is to reshaping the body, rather than enable the patient to lose weight.